Bias – Generation effect

The Bias Project – do it yourself

I started ‘the bias project’ 2 years ago, because I wanted to work with the subject instead of just reading about it. This is a good learning strategy because of the generation effect:

‘Information is better remembered if it is generated from one’s own mind rather than simply read’

I’ve learned a lot since I started then. For example, I know now that I still have a problem with remembering what the Von Restorff effect is. But I also know that my drawing skills have become a whóle lot better. 

Because of this, I’ve become uncomfortable with the form I started with; just a cartoon and a column about a bias. I’m happier drawing stories like ‘a few notes about service design’ and ‘a plea for some inefficiency’. 

So.. I quit with the bias project in order to do new stuff. I’m not quite sure what it will be, but that’s a good thing. I hope that you’ll enjoy whatever comes next.

The UX part

There are a lót of UX articles about the self generation effect. The whole concept of gamefication is based on it. Just don’t confuse gamification with imitating how a game looks: the looks should be about the learning.